Mike O’Hagan on Web Marketing That Works: Outsourcing and the Changing World of Business

Entrepreneur Mike O’Hagan was recently featured on Bluewire Media’s “Web Marketing That Works” podcast. There, he shared stories about his early days as a budding entrepreneur, his reasons for venturing into business, the cost-efficient solutions that he discovered for his business in the form of business process outsourcing, and why Australian businesses should be prepared to go global.

Moving towards profitable businesses

Twenty-seven years ago, Mike established Mini Movers, a business that operates in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

“I invented Mini Movers so I could choose how I spend my time,” says Mike, whose primary motivation was to earn a significant amount of money to sustain him and his family without having to allocate too much time manually handling his business. True enough, Mike has yet to personally move a single package for Mini Movers – a business that thrived well enough to allow him to get to where he is now: successfully running six to eight businesses (dealing with, among other things, lead generation and deep sea diving lights from China) that cater to a wide clientele.

“Test, measure and duplicate”

Mike is a natural business innovator. His favourite business method is to “test, measure and duplicate,” and while he isn’t one for forward planning, he’s not a big fan of guesswork, either. Exceptionally skilled at taking risks and finding the cheapest ways to test his many ideas, Mike’s dreams of a lifestyle with big houses and private jets have propelled him to the business stratosphere and helped him become a renowned figure in Australian business.

However, running multiple businesses while being smack dab in the middle of the global financial crisis (GFC) taught Mike a valuable lesson – that he may have had “too many eggs in one basket,” and that said basket may have been Australia itself.

Keeping up with the ever-changing world

Mike believes that the business world truly has gone global. Now, consumers can make purchases, sell items, and even employ from anywhere in the world. As Mike upholds, as long as you are sourcing products and manufacturing at the best prices in the world, your business will always be very viable. In particular, Mike sees Australian businesses as extremely world-competitive.

A piece of advice from Mike – don’t take business too seriously. “I treat business like a big game of chess,” quips the Australian entrepreneur, who likes coming up with “lots and lots of crazy ideas” and unleashing them upon the market.

Outsourcing in the Philippines – an efficient business solution

Of course, to succeed in business, one needs to put both operating costs and profits into consideration. That’s why Mike opted to outsource the administration and marketing processes involved in Mini Movers to the Philippines. According to Mike, the GFC really hurt his Mini Movers business, and turning to the Philippines was what saved his venture. Specialists in the Philippines are eager to learn, well-educated and proficient in English, giving Mike a profound advantage over competitors in the field of web marketing. Mike hired specialists in the Philippines to strengthen Mini Movers’s online presence and come up with great marketing strategies; eventually, his business recovered and even got stronger.

While some may perceive outsourcing as an obstacle for Australian employment, the evidence points to the contrary: Outsourcing supports business growth, therefore creating more job opportunities for Australians.

“The future of Australia is through entrepreneurs,” says Mike, who recognises the importance of embracing globalisation in today’s highly competitive business playing field.

Mike O’Hagan is the man behind Mike’s Manila Tours, where he encourages other entrepreneurs to consider outsourcing and getting the best value for their needs through outsourcing in the Philippines. You may listen to the full podcast by clicking this link.

Contact Mike’s Manila Tours or email Mike O’Hagan at mike@ohagan.com.au to learn more about his businesses.